About the Manchester Anthology

The Manchester Anthology is the official anthology of the University of Manchester's MA in creative writing. This is its website. But you'd probably worked that out, hadn't you? 

On this blog you'll find information on the book itself, all the authors featured in it, and a series of posts on the process of making, printing and selling the thing. 

The anthology is now out, priced at £8.99. If you're interested in a copy either come along to the launch at The Deaf Institute on Thursday the sixteenth, or drop me a line. I can  post copies out (small extra charge, to be determined, but none of that dodgy eBay-style 'yes, it costs me four kilos of gold and a kidney to post a small parcel') or deliver them in person if you're in Manchester, London or Bath at the same time as me or someone else who has a stash of spare books to sell. To arrange something either plonk a comment on the blog or e-mail me at alecijohnson AT gmail.com.

Yes, that's a slightly ropey distribution system, but with any luck there'll be more concrete details soon. In the meantime, nip along to the launch, or just have a root around the blog.