Monday, 16 May 2011

Done, done, done!

The Manchester Anthology is now being painstakingly copied out and illuminated by a crack team of specially trained monks. Give it a couple of weeks and it will be time for the fun Tetris-style game of working out where to keep the cartons of books in my little student room. Or I could just sell the buggers. There's a plan, eh?

Anyway, now it's off to press I'm going to start updating the author biographies on this site, and by the time that's done with any luck the book will be out and I'll be trying to work out how to set up an ordering system. It is unlikely to be technologically advanced. Can you e-mail money by folding up fivers and sticking them in the CD drive?

Other things to come:

- Electrobook version!
- Distribution!
- Drinking!

As you were.

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